• В.Ю. Шевцов Дніпровський національний університет імені Олеся Гончара
  • А.В. Давидова Дніпровський національний університет імені Олеся Гончара
  • Р.С. Попов Дніпровський національний університет імені Олеся Гончара




rocket, space, aircraft, mass, cost, target function, design


The development of each new rocket and spacecraft (RS) must correspond to the target design function, which most often selects the minimum starting mass m0, or the minimum cost of the c0 project. When designing the RS of the minimum starting mass, mass equations of zero, first and second approximations are used. At the stage of development of the terms of reference, a mass equation is drawn up in which the value of the relative dry mass is set on the basis of statistical data from the previous kind of modification of the aircraft of this type and is an approximation of the zero order. After calculating the main flight and technical parameters of the designed RS, the value of the relative dry mass is specified by using the target given mass equations, in which the mass of the main compartments, systems and structures is determined through the basic flight and technical parameters, design parameters and statistical relative mass coefficients. The mass values of the individual components of the RS obtained in this way make it possible to calculate the flight and technical characteristics in the first approximation. After the design calculations of the first approximation, it becomes possible to clarify the values of the static coefficients of the reduced dry weight through the functional and operational parameters affecting the specific design, the physical and mechanical properties of structural materials, and other factors affecting the mass of the structure. The equations obtained in this way are called the detailed mass equations of the second approximation. 

The presented sequence of compilation and use of target mass equations in the design of the minimum mass RS can also be used in the development of the RS project of minimum cost.


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Шевцов, В. ., Давидова, А., & Попов, Р. (2022). ЦІЛЬОВІ РІВНЯННЯ РКЛА НА ЕТАПІ РОЗРОБКИ ЕСКІЗНОГО ПРОЕКТУ. System Design and Analysis of Aerospace Technique Characteristics, 30(1), 74-79. https://doi.org/10.15421/472208




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