Peer-review process

The manuscripts are independently peer-reviewed by leading experts in the field of research relevant to the scientific profile of the publication and who have, in the last three years, at least one publication included in the List or foreign publication included in the Web of Science Core Collection and / or Scopus, or have monographs or sections of monographs published by international publishers belonging to categories A, B or C of the Research School Socio-Economic and Natural Science of the Environment (SENSE). Based on this review, the editorial board decides on the expediency and timing of the publication of the article, as well as on the possible need for its revision.

All manuscripts are initially reviewed by editors to evaluate their relevance to the subject matter and requirements of the journal.

Following the editors' decision, the submitted manuscripts are sent to at least two external experts working in the relevant field.

The editorial board maintains a policy of adherence to the principles of academic integrity and publishing ethics, and adopts guidelines developed by Elsevier to assist editors, reviewers, and authors in fulfilling their moral duty.